SBA welcomes new members, fills vacancies

The 2019-20 SBA Executive Board during a recent meeting. Image via Facebook.

by Julia Guerrein, News Editor

The Student Bar Association (SBA) held Senate meetings on Oct. 1 and Oct. 22. At the Oct. 1 meeting, the SBA wore in newly elected members and filled other empty positions.

The SBA approved Jordan Stone to fill the 2L Senator seat vacated by Jacqueline Waller. SBA President Raynald “Ray” Carre nominated Stone, whom the Senate confirmed to fill the position.

The Senate also voted on nominees to fill the American Bar Association (ABA) Representative and Sports Commissioner positions. James Mulhall and Jordan Grenier now hold those positions, respectively.

Students elected to positions earlier this semester took the oath of office, officially beginning their terms as SBA representatives.

“Delaying the election until the middle of September gave the 1Ls that much more facetime with their representatives,” said Carre in an interview with The Forum.

“I think that when you have a better sense of people, you have a better sense of how you can rely on the people that you elected.”

At the Oct. 22 meeting, Senate committees discussed their plans for the year. These committees included Bylaws, Mental Health, Town and State Relations, Housing, Student Affairs, and Student Activities.

Students who do not hold positions in SBA can still be involved and have their voices heard.

“The best answer I can give to the constituency is to show up to meetings,” explained Carre. “We only know what problems are if we are told what the problems are.”

The SBA live-streams its meetings on its Facebook page. Any member of the VLS community is welcome to attend Senate meetings. Information about the meetings is emailed prior to the meetings. Students are also encouraged to raise concerns with their SBA representatives.

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