Happy Trails to You: Camel’s Hump

by Lancee Whetman

As a native Utahn moving to Vermont, I traded in the bold Wasatch Mountain Range for the rolling Green Mountains. In a personal effort to explore more of Vermont, to bag peaks that remind me a bit of home, and to saunter out of South Royalton (the village), I will be recommending a hike-of-the-month along with post-hike grub.
Up first is a Vermont classic: Camel’s Hump via the Monroe Trail (6.8-mile roundtrip of moderate difficultly). On a sunny day in peak leaf-peeping season, this steady ascent through the woods is a delight.

Hikers marvel at the transitioning green leaves into warm golds, sultry reds, and deep oranges. Blue jays and chickadees sing while birches and hemlocks provide an intoxicating forest aroma—a mix of fallen leaves and sweet pine needles.

After scrambling to the summit, strike a power pose and enjoy the 360-degree views—but don’t forget the warm layers, as the top is fully exposed and experiences chilly wind gusts. And if you’d like to extend your experience overnight, Camel’s Hump offers designated campsites at lower elevations on the trail.

Once successfully completed, on your way back to the village consider stopping in Montpelier at the reasonably-priced Royal Orchid Thai Restaurant for some chive dumplings.

Whether you go with a pack of friends or decide to trek solo, a day spent on the mountain is always day well-spent. So until we meet again Swans, happy trails to you.

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