From the Forum staff: If you could give your 1L self some advice, what would you say?

Julia Guerrein, 3L, Editor-in-Chief

“Give yourself time to adjust to a new place, a new school, and a new group of people. Keep in touch with your non-law school friends and family. Learn from your mistakes because those lessons will serve you in law school and in years to come.”

Michelle Amidzich, 3L, News Editor

“Don’t join ANYTHING (or at most ONE organization/club). 1L grades are too important to be distracted by something else.”

Thomas Durham, 2L, Staff Writer

“Join an excruciatingly strict and harsh religious sect instead of what you’re considering. You’ll enjoy your life more. This is worthwhile. This will allow you to weaponize change for the better. But it ain’t easy or fun. Believe that. None of it is really all that bad. Except procrastination. That, and NOT law school, will make you rue your choices. Will make you want to weep. Will make you want to quit. But remember that that position is the sum of your choices. Then DO NOT fall behind.”

Tommi Mandell, 2L, Publisher

“Focus on what makes you happy.”

Kirsten Williams, 3L, Staff Writer

Some quick notes before you embark on this adventure:

  1. No, they didn’t make a mistake. Yes, you’re supposed to be here.
  2. Don’t freak out. Everyone else is just as confused/overwhelmed/excited as you are.
  3. Learn to outline and close read. It’ll get easier as you learn what to look for in a case.
  4. Be social 🙂 You’re going to make some amazing friends.
  5. Talk to your professors; they’re really smart and also really cool.
  6. Appreciate the #smallschoolperks that VLS has to offer, including the café, small class sizes, all the swag, mental health services, library carrells, events, and free food.
  7. Get involved with the community. South Royalton is so unique… you’ll miss it when you’re gone.
  8. Don’t over-extend yourself. It’s tempting to say “YES” to everything but be sure to prioritize things that are important to you (including school work).
  9. Acknowledge feelings of insecurity and frustration—they are valid. Law school is hard.
  10. Play tourist and explore Vermont as often as you can!

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