Student body elects new SBA leadership

By Julia Guerrein, Editor-in-Chief

On March 30, Serena White, Student Bar Association (SBA) Secretary for the 2020-2021 school year, announced the SBA election results. The VLS student body elected a new SBA executive board, senators, student trustees, and committee representatives. Additionally, the student body voted on whether to pass an amendment to the SBA bylaws, which passed.

Newly elected SBA President, Meg Kirby, plans to focus on mental health, community connections, and making resources more readily available for students.

Kirby served as a 1L Senator during the 2020-2021 school year. When asked why she became a Senator, Kirby said that she wanted to get involved.

“I was feeling disjointed,” she said, in particular because of remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. She thought joining SBA would be “a good way to meet people.” Joining also helped Kirby learn more about VLS.

Kirby acknowledged that there is a huge disconnect between current 1Ls and 2Ls/3Ls because of remote learning. Next year VLS expects to be fully on-campus, so Kirby and her team face the challenge of bringing people together after over a year apart. To do this, Kirby hopes to encourage student organizations to co-sponsor events.

Additionally, Tayla Fauntleroy, the new Vice President of Student Affairs and Operations, has plans to put on a professionalism workshop and other events aimed at helping students transition back to in-person learning.

To focus on mental health, Kirby wants to have open and candid discussions about how mental health is connected to academic success. This is of particular importance as students move from remote learning back to in-person.

Finally, Kirby hopes to make finding resources more streamlined across VLS.

Kirby acknowledged that these are her first thoughts and that her executive board will have more concrete plans as they get closer to the next school year. Overall, the new SBA executive board hopes to help students get back in the swing of things.

The new executive board held their first meeting on Tuesday, April 20. At the meeting, Kirby appointed Boebin Park as Parliamentarian and Tayla Fauntleroy and Thomas Durham as co-chairs of the Mental Health Committee.

The next SBA meeting will occur next school year.

Executive board 

  • President
    •  Meg Kirby 
  • Vice President of Student Affairs and Operations 
    • Tayla Fauntleroy 
  • Vice President for Student Activities 
    • Tyler Doan 
  • Treasurer 
    • Thomas Durham 
  • Secretary (Write-in)
    • Madelyn Thomas 

3L Senators 

  • Robert Baker 
  • Ricardo Edwards 
  • Caresse Duru 
  • James Mulhall 
  • Charlotte McLellan 

2L Senators 

  • Boebin Park 
  • William Fusaro 
  • Carlynne Toomey 
  • Amanda Di Dio 
  • Daniel Sol 

AJD Senator 

  • Bridget Nostro 

Town liaison (Write – in) 

  • Taaha Rehmani 

Faculty Hiring Committee  

  • Charlotte McLellan 

3L Student Trustee 

  • Fito Andre  

2L Student trustee  

  • James Brien  

3L Honor Code Committee Representative 

  • Shelby Bizub 

2L Honor Code Committee Representative

  • Clelia Cassciola 

AJD Honor Code Committee Representative 

  • Caitlin Kennedy 

3L Code of Conduct Committee Representative  

            Kristina Caliendo 

2L Code of Conduct Committee Representative  

            Boebin Park  

AJD Code of Conduct Representative   

            Rosa Reyes  

3L Curriculum Committee  

            Heather Francis  

2L Curriculum Committee Representative  

TIE – Runoff election Fall 2021

  • Anisa Rodriguez     
  • Akansha Bhat     

Bylaws Amendment = PASSED!

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