April Crossword

Answers will be posted later this month!

By Lorentz Hansen


1. When you can’t see anyone else playing the role, the actor’s been __

12. English indefinite article, when preceding a word that starts with a vowel sound

13. Container for large quantities of beverages on tap

14. Forms the same vowel sound as just one of its components on its own

15. Autumnal bev., both beloved and reviled

17. India Pale __

18. Though you might baulk at this word’s misspelling, one would pronounce it the same as when it is spelled correctly?

20. 2020 news subj. you are likely tired of hearing about by now

22. One grp. participating in 20 Across

24. Following 58 Across, forms a pattern commonly seen in academic fashion

25. If a plant grows enough, you’ll eventually have to __ it

27. “Gloria in excelsis __”

29. “Notify next of __”

30. “If you ain’t no punk/ Holla ‘we want __”  

32. Assurance of your return, abbrev. 

34. One spelling of a common homonym

35. Many students have now done this for the remainder of the semester

37. Tiebreaker time per.

39. French fashion designer, in brief

40. Generally preferred kind of flight

42. Indigo or Henna, e.g. 

44. Sorority founded at Howard U.

46. Can’t change its stripes

47. Has Major and Minor forms

49. Suffix attached to Lemon- and Gator-

51. How Prince might write out a commonly-texted abbreviation? 

52. A person you’d be lucky to be with

54. Nail polish brand

56. Type of cone

57. Titans and Grizzlies represent this ST

58. Precedes 24 Across

61. ST governed by the Terminator, for a time

62. Of Mice and Men author, á la James Bond?


1. Dunder Mifflin, of The Office, sells __

2. Vagina Monologues author Eve

3. In basketball, any pt. other than a free throw

4. US Const. change originally proposed in 1923, recently ratified by VA (despite a 1982 ratification deadline)

5. You don’t want to catch it; can be common or bitter

6. Frequently sported in academic circles; most famously in Harris

7. __ Bean, of Maine

8. One of the FANBOYS

9. Maryland is famous for its __ (among other things)

10. Men Explain Things to Me author Rebecca

11. Many students, in paying for law school, will have __

16. Socially stigmatized individual

19. Brief check-in, “r _ _?”

21. “Island” frequented in the film Uptown Girls

23. If one were to casually apologize, with an Irish accent?

26. Site of 1921 race massacre

28. David __ of the Red Sox, aka “Big Papi”

31. A type of dot; or style of music originally from Czechia 

33. Prince says you might find a raspberry one at a second-hand store

36. If you’ve done 11 Down, you likely have these

38. Machiavelli has inspired many a __

41. Gym chain; or Cap’n

43. First zone in the US to see the sun

45. Recent Harry Styles release, with “You”

48. If Lena Waithe’s TV series were to begin with an indefinite, rather than definite, article?

50. The Odyssey or Homeward Bound, for example

53. A __, not a rooster, lays eggs

55. Squid release it to confuse predators

59. South Royalton Deli; or SCOTUS Justice _ _G

60. Immediately before and after “hi”?

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