Standard of Review: Wolf Tree pleases with local drinks and eats

By Heather Francis, Forum Contributor

A wolf tree is a large forested tree that dominates the environment around it inhibiting the growth of other trees. Through generations, the tree is left standing while others are plowed over for agriculture. Its strength and grit signify resilience. A cocktail bar in White River Junction bears the name of the powerful wolf tree, creating a place where locavores can rejoice in cocktail culture.

When I drink, I tend to seek red wine. Except when I go to Wolf Tree. With their uniquely spirited cocktails and Vermont cheese plates, Wolf Tree makes the most timid of drinkers branch out of the mundane.

Usually I stray away from cocktails due to hesitance of not knowing where ingredients come from. Not here. Wolf Tree is a sustainable cocktail bar that uses fresh ingredients in cocktails like the Knife Fight made with bourbon, lemon, ginger, and pineapple, and finished with cracked pink peppercorn.

The Knife Fight is their crowd-pleaser, and the one I suggest if you are testing out cocktails for the first time. Aside from the Knife Fight, the Lady Slipper is my surprising favorite made with Dolin Dry Vermouth, soft herbs, anise, monk juice, and lemon. The drink comes in a glass with a golden rim, and an orange peel is suspended in the drink for a twisty finish.

Non-drinkers need not fret; Wolf Tree is eager to please the curated cheese plate connoisseurs as well as cocktail lovers. Their bar snacks are made from local Vermont cheeses, meats, and produce.

The bar does not offer dairy-free or vegetarian plates, which though disappointing, their cocktails make up for it. Although, they do have a tasty house-made pickle plate. The cocktail menu begins with lighter, summery feel cocktails, and ends with cocktails that feel like you are wrapped in a weighted blanket during a snowstorm.

Whether sitting at the marble-countered bar or in a booth in the corner of the bar with a rustic-wooden table, you are bound to feel at ease. Folk-music and dim lights fill the room with warm energy.

The prices of the cocktails are well worth the experience and the ingredients. Wolf Tree prices range from $10-13.

Wolf Tree is a retreat to a cocktail bar that sparks adventure and curiosity. I encourage you to embark to White River Junction for a hike through different cocktails and try something new.

For more information, go to their website or follow them on Instagram @wolftreevt.

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