SBA talks smoking area changes, IOU crackdown

By Lorentz Hansen, Forum Contributor

The Student Bar Association discussed changes to the school’s campus designated smoking area, as well as possible solutions for unpaid IOUs.

Theresa Johnson, Assistant Director for Student Affairs, announced via email on Nov. 12 that, at the recommendation of the Student Services Committee, the designated campus smoking area would relocate to the Oakes Hall commuter parking lot.

The school’s smoking policy has generated controversy within the SBA in recent years. The 2017-18 Senate twice considered resolutions supporting a “tobacco-free campus initiative,” adopting a pared-down version in April 2018.

Senators briefly discussed the latest change at the Nov. 12 Senate meeting. Ultimately, President Raynald “Ray” Carre noted that the administration had declared its position earlier that day, and therefore the issue was settled.

The Senate voted the issue moot. Bringing the issue back to the Senate floor would require a two-thirds majority of the Senate in a rescission vote.

The Senate also discussed the persistent nonpayment of IOUs at the Cafe.

Recently, Cafe staff have had to use their own time, according to Senate members, to sort through IOUs. People often forget or neglect to write their names or other relevant information on the IOU cards, making it difficult for the staff to account for goods and enter the transactions in the system the following day.

Cafe employees are not being compensated for this extra time, according to Treasurer Jerry Thomas and Senator Bina Ulloa, who raised the issue.

The Senate discussed potential solutions, including a scanning system that would automatically bill Cafe items to student accounts or installing a camera, if students continue to take Cafe items without paying and/or writing their names on IOUs.

Treasurer Thomas and Senator Ulloa sought to bring the issue to the floor for discussion and begin work on a resolution, but there was no specific proposal up for a vote at this time.

The Senate subsequently passed a motion to hold a meeting to find a resolution for the issue and discussed working with the Student Affairs Committee and the Administration moving forward.

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