Radio on! Swans take over the local airwaves

By Blake Weinard, Lifestyle Editor

Do yourself a favor: set the No. 1 preset on your car radio to 96.5 FM.

Tune in to Royalton Community Radio, and you could hear African funk, folksy bluegrass, romantic oldies, or classical music. Located on North Windsor Street, the station offers a mix as unique as the community it serves.

Royalton Community Radio is volunteer-based, so Vermont Law School students can sign up for a time slot and leave their mark on the WFVR-LP airwaves. Second-year Swans Paige Beyer and April Urbanowski have been doing just that.

Last year, Beyer met general manager Todd Tyson and decided to put her undergraduate radio experience to use. Her show, Pro Bono with Paige Beyer, airs Thursdays at 4 p.m.
Beyer wanted her show to represent VLS, the South Royalton community, and the relationship between the two.

Pro Bono features an eclectic mix of sounds and genres. Beyer hopes to give emerging artists an audience and bring the community together through the shared experience of discovering new music. She closes every show with a Prince song.

Urbanowski’s show, High-n-Low, is a newer addition to the WFVR-LP lineup, airing Mondays at 9 p.m.

The show’s name comes from Urbanowski’s habit of asking people about the high and low moments of their day.

“It forces you to reflect on and appreciate all that happens in any given day, good or bad,” Urbanowski, better known as DJ Urbanowa, told The Forum.

The Michigan native hosts the hourlong program alongside third-year student Kyle Clauss, whom High-n-Low listeners know as The Wizard of Finance or DJ FinWizz.

The show has become an important creative outlet for Urbanowski, who picks a significant person in her life and creates a playlist reflecting her relationship with them. During the show, she talks about her musical picks and the relationship that inspired them.

Urbanowski hopes High-n-Low gives listeners a relaxing hour at the end of a long Monday. She also hopes that the show makes listeners think about the people in their own lives that deserve to have a playlist made for them.

So tune in to Royalton Community Radio—you just might hear a Swan.

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